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  • TIle

  • Hardwood

  • Engineered Flooring

  • Laminate

  • Linoleum

  • Bamboo

  • Stone

  • Carpet




      The first thing people usually notice when walking into a home is the condition of the floors. Nice floors are the cornerstone of a beautiful home. Here at Paterbuilt, we see it as more of an art than a trade. Paterbuilt handyman technicians can install and restore any type of flooring on the market. Our guys make it their mission to exceed industry standards on all installations. Paterbuilt handyman techncians back butter every tile laid and they pull every peice of base before installing flooring. The competition would have the customer believe that shoe moulding is installed after a new floor, but this is not the right way. Shoe moulding takes away from the profile of the base moulding, collects dirt and dust, and creates an odd transition when it meets door casing. Paterbuilt handyman technicians have the experience to remove the base moulding without damaging the drywall, and re-install it after the flooring is done. 


     Paterbuilt knows how to save the customer money when it comes to flooring. Our handyman techncians can remove old cracked and stained grout and replace it with new acrylic stain and crack resistant grouts. Our handyman technicians use the newest technologies and industry leading products to give your floor finish that will last for years. As with all our work, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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