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     When it comes to protecting your home, a functional roof is second to none. Roof leaks can cost the home owner thousands of dollars if not addressed quickly. Paterbuilt handman technicians have over ten years of experience in roof installation and roof repairs. Our technicians come prepared with the tools needed to get the job done right. As with all our work, our customers satisfaction is guaranteed. If a leak occurs our technicians can tarp or repair the leak depending on the situation. If it is raining when the technicians arrives, they will tarp the area where the problem has occured and inspect the attic or ceiling to pinpoint the location. If no tarping is needed, the handyman technician will inspect the area where the leak has occured and make the repair immediately. 

     Paterbuilt handyman technicians also remove and install new roofs. They can assess whether your roof has hail damage or if it needs replacement due to normal ware and tear. We have a vast knowledge on the newest products and their warranties. Paterbuilt technicians show up ready to give you free on estimates, and they can advise on possible insurance claims. 

  • Alphalt

  • Rolled Roofing

  • Metal Roofing

  • Leak Repair

  • Wind Damage Repair

  • Ridge Exhaust Fan

  • Flashing


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