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      Paterbuilt handyman technicians are the best in the business when it comes to getting homeowners odds and ends done around the home. With the right tools and experience, a relatively long list of odd jobs can be completed in short order; Paterbuilt shows up with the tools and experience needed to get it done. As with all of our work, the customers satisfaction is guaranteed. Our handyman technicians play close attention to details and product specifications. Often technicians of other companies use prior installations as a strict guide on new installations. They assume that the order of operations for installing one blind is the same for another blind. In many cases, this leads to damaged products and faulty installations. Paterbuilt handyman technicians use the experience they have gained through previous installations while reading and following the instructions for each new product installed. By using this mehtod, Paterbuilt offers their homeowners the service that is best for their wallet and their home. 

  • ​Furniture Assembly

  • Closet Organizers

  • Playsets

  • TV Mounts

  • Picture Hanging

  • Blind Installation


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