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  • ​Concrete Fiber

  • Cedar

  • Pine Lab

  • Stucko

  • Brick

  • Vinyl

  • OSB

  • Paneling


     Siding is a major piece of the puzzel when it comes to protecting a home. Paterbuilt handyman technicians have the tools and experience to show up and get the repair or installation done. Rotten siding is a common problem with homes. This usually happens when too much time has lapsed between coats of paint. Our technicians can remove the old siding and replace it with a more durible concrete fiber siding. This is just one example of the many repairs our technicians can make to the siding on a home. 


     Paterbuilt Handyman techncians are also available for free estimates on new installations and advice for the "do it yourselfers" out there. As with all our work, the customers satisfaction is guaranteed. Please give Paterbuilt a call today and get this item removed from the "to do" list. 

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