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     Electrical work is something that needs to be performed by a qualified technician. Here at Paterbuilt, our handyman technicians have over ten years in experience with electrical jobs. We show up to the job with the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done in an efficient and professional manner. Our customer's safety is our top priority when these jobs are being performed. Paterbuilt handyman technicians make sure every connection is secure and every fixture is installed to code. 


     Paterbuilt handyman technicians come to the job ready to run diagnostics on bad circuits, run new circuits, install switches, install outlets, install breakers, and install lights and fans. A common problem we see in our customer's homes is poor ventilation in bathrooms. Sometimes no exhaust fan gets installed over shower, and this leads to drywall damage and mold. Paterbuilt handyman technicians can usually install a new exhaust fan with no drywall damage in just a few hours saving our customer big money down the road. As with all our work, your satisfaction is guaranteed. When required licensed electrican are used. 





  • Fans

  • Lights

  • Outlets

  • New Circuits

  • Breakers

  • Fuses

  • AFCI's

  • GFI's

  • Plugs



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